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We deliver patented radio frequency heating technology solutions to enhance reservoir production recovery, paraffin mitigation, also improve production streams including bitumen, kerogen and heavy oil.

Our specialty is in the area of in situ electromagnetic heating, process simulations, and oil and gas production improvement.

Our scientists and engineers are expert in the application of innovative technologies along with a healthy experience of secret sauce know-how to enable otherwise inaccessible oil to be profitably extracted. Our clients would include  independent and major oil companies, tar sands and oil shale land owners, and any interested NGO and government entities.

We are located in Chicago, IL | Spokane, WA | Anchorage, AK


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About Us

The emphasis of our company is the delivery of radio frequency heating technology to enhance ...

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CSR and Core Values

We conduct our business in an ethical and responsible way. We’ve invested in a number of initiatives...

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Products and Services

Our team will do analysis with your information delivering a strategy for each well or system of wells.

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News and Media

We have put up selected articles and industry news relating to RF induction heating technology...

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