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PyroPhase is an intellectual property company heavily engaged in the production of energy from unconventional resources. Our scientists and engineers are expert in the application of innovative technologies along with a healthy dollop of secret sauce know-how to enable otherwise inaccessible oil to be profitably extracted.

The emphasis of our company is on the utilization of radio frequency technology to heat and recover bitumen, kerogen and heavy oil. We have two ways of doing this, one that works like a microwave oven underground (PyroPhase Array) and the other that utilizes RF skin effect heating (PyroHeater). More information is available on our Products page.

We recently received a patent (7484561) for a novel method of regulating the power grid, PyroStorage. When wind, solar and other intermittent energy sources are used, the grid can endure unacceptable fluctuations.  As renewables garner a bigger slice of the generation pie, storing that excess power may be impossible. Our method acts as a storage battery, but unlike other battery technologies, we return 6+ times more energy than was consumed in the first place. All this while allowing large scale renewable power generation to become viable. reducing America's dependence on foreign oil, and reducing CO2 production in unconventional resources by over 30%.

In addition to our RF heating technologies, we offer simulation capabilities using state of the art multiphysics software from Comsol.  We would be happy to discuss your steamflood, waterflood and CO2 injection production stimulation needs. With our expertise, we can help you determine an optimum economic recovery method.

PyroPhase was established in late 2006 and has been working on advancing oil recovery technologies ever since. Our specialty is in the area of in situ electromagnetic heating, simulations and production analysis. Our clients would include tar sands and oil shale land owners, oil companies and interested government entities. Our business is located in Chicago, IL and Spokane, WA