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Bitumen resource owners need a safe, environmentally sound method to recover their product and sell it profitably to an anxious  market. The bitumen resource in Utah alone is as much as 30 billion barrels, recoverable with our process. If you own such a resource, or know someone who does, please contact us to arrange a technology introduction. PyroPhase is ready to begin the analysis of your core samples and statiography. We can arrange with you a joint venture recovery plan so that you may capitalize on the high prices that bitumen is currently bringing, especially as you consider the value two to three years out, when supply will not be keeping up with demand. The time to begin is now so that your production is ready for the high prices coming.

Depending on your local conditions and other factors such as proximity to electrical power, the cost to produce your bitumen may be on the order of $20/bbl or less. Current market prices for non-upgraded bitumen are approximately $50-55 / bbl. Upgraded bitumen sells at or near the price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI), but is currently more valuable as road paving material. Upgrade costs run approximately $10-20 / bbl.

Skin Effect PyroHeater test video

The PyroHeater is a robust tool that delivers precision electrical heating to a pay zone in conventional or unconventional hydrocarbon resources. Used in either a single well or multiple hole configuration (similar to Steam Assist Gravity Drainage [SAGD]), the PyroHeater changes the paradigm of thermal resource treatment and can deliver a more focused heat pattern than steam or hot water flood, but can also be utilized in concert with these techniques. Unlike conventional, failure-prone downhole electrical heaters, the PyroHeater takes advantage of skin-effect resistance to heat casing-like material up to 650 degrees C.  Imagine the possibilities of directly heating only the areas you want to target, and generating steam underground instead of losing heat with surface generated steam. Contact us for simulation studies already completed, or we can do a custom analysis with your specific site data. We are currently looking for shallow formations that we can apply this technology to near term.