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PyroPhase was founded by Dr. Richard Snow, Phd Chemical Engineering; Jack Bridges, MSEE; and Jeff Presley, Computer Science. Bridges and Snow invented multiple processes to use electromagnetic energy to heat and mobilize high viscosity hydrocarbon formations. Jack Bridges has over 100 patents and published papers on the subject and is a Life Fellow of the IEEE. Dr. Snow was the director of the National Institute for Petroleum and Energy Research and both men spent long and successful careers at the IIT Research Institute (IITRI). Jeff Presley is a successful entrepreneur who has co-founded multiple startups and has angel invested in several more including semiconductors, gigabit switching equipment, supercomputers and super green building materials.

C. Dino Pappas, PyroPhase VP of Development is an oil and gas investor and entrepreneur. Mr. Pappas brought to market the Erbium-Yag eye laser. Later he suggested that Barringer Resources (now Smiths Detection) turn their remote hydrocarbon sensing instrument into bomb detection equipment, and he helped get it accepted at international airports.

In addition to the founders PyroPhase has numerous scientists and engineers, some on staff and others on call ready to consult as needed.